Hourly Rate

$25 per hour
  • (plus "tape" costs*)
  • Available hours are 10am-9pm
  • 3 hour minimum for all sessions

Day Rate

$250 per day
  • (plus "tape" costs*)
  • 11 hour block, 10am-9pm
  • Additional time may be negotiable depending on the circumstance by the hourly rate.

Package Deals

One Day Demo Deal

$200 per day
  • 8 hour block, 10am to 6pm
  • "tape" costs* included

Live In The Studio

$75 per session
  • Up to 30 minutes of 100% live performance with no editing or overdubs.
  • More info available in the FAQ. This is a new service and only available for certain projects based on logistical needs and determining if it is a good fit.

* "Tape" costs (hard disk storage space) are a flat fee of $10 for all sessions. 

Please note that while Dead Air attempts to archive all sessions, it is not guaranteed and ultimately is the responsibility of the client.  


Please get in touch regarding availability, and note that weekends often get booked further in advance than weekdays.

Please see the F.A.Q. for general questions regarding recording.


If you schedule time and cannot make it for one reason or another please let me know as soon as possible. If you cancel less than a week before the scheduled session there is a $40 fee.