In the continued interest of offering quality services to independent artists with low budgets, Dead Air offers Mastering at affordable rates.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about your mastering project.

The Full Pitch (a.k.a. why is this so cheap?)

Since 2012, Dead Air has been offering high-quality inexpensive mastering services. The rough concept is this: you have a demo or a 7" or anything really that you want mastered, maybe you think it already sounds great, but just needs to be louder, maybe you think it needs help but can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on it, or perhaps you're somewhere in between. This is where Dead Air fits in to the picture.

That said, in the interest of maintaing affordable pricing, while I may not have the most impressive mastering equipment, etc, I do offer over ten years of experience recording punk/indie bands, a desire to master, and a pretty solid set of ears. As a bit of a disclaimer, I will also say that it is not really my goal to compete with more accomplished mastering engineers and if you have plans of going through someone world-renowned, or you think your recording requires the abilities of a mastering genius, etc, etc, I'm not trying to persuade you to alter your plans.

All mastering sessions are unattended.